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Wood shutters are designed with durability in mind. Their lengthy lifespan will not warp or fade as the years pass as a result of their construction being from durable hardwood.

A hot topic for many these days is energy efficiency. Being able to maintain heat throughout the winter months helps cut down on heating costs of course, which is where the natural insulation of timber comes in to play.  Thermal and sound insulation of timber is directly applied to the frame and as a result will greatly benefit your home.

The shutters shown are simply a few of the wide range we have available. If you have any questions on the styles available, or insulation properties our team are happy to provide sales advice.

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    Austin Shutters by Laskeys

    Austin Shutters

    The elegance given with a real wood shutter is unmatched, it will truly transform your home. Our Austin shutters are hand-made by quality craftsmen. We have a large range of paint colours or wood stain finishes to perfectly suit your specification and compliment your home. You can be confident that each order will be to your exact requirements.

    Dulwich Shutters

    A beautiful choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but can be suited all throughout the home. Made from water resistant PVC our Dulwich shutters can be decorated with different visual finishes while still retaining a durable make up. The mortise and tenon joints used in manufacture stand the test of time and are perfectly suited in high-traffic areas in your home.

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    Newport Shutters

    Taking shutters to the next level with the luxurious hardwood: Poplar.

    The wood from the Poplar tree is dense and extremely durable, and when finished with paint or gloss gives a beautifully smooth feel. We’re incredibly honoured to offer Newport shutters as it’s the next step up in modern home design.

    Newport shutters are available in a full range of custom painted colours and varnishes.

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